Snacking is a huge part of American culture. While snacking can be a positive thing, too many people use it as a way to ingest large amounts of sugar and processed carbohydrates. Not only does this type of snacking delete energy levels (after an initial and brief sugar high), it can wreak havoc on a candida condition, worsening symptoms significantly.
For people following a candida diet, the key to snacking is to create delicious and healthy snacks using candida-friendly ingredients. See the foods to avoid article I have written to learn more about what types of foods can contribute to candida overgrowth. Also, learn all about foods to enjoy on a candida diet, so you will immediately know what is right for your body when hunger strikes.
When you are faced with temptation, having the right foods on hand makes the craving much more manageable. Keeping plenty of tasty candida-friendly snack options in stock, whether it be in your pantry or office break room, means you will be less likely to cave-in to temptation. Instead, you will be more likely to do what is best for your body's health.
Are non-sugary snacks worth it? What can you eat?
It is no surprise that cookies and mini-donuts from the vending machine are illegal, but snack time without such processed treats does not have to be a drag. Experiment with the different foods available to you on a candida diet and come up with a few combination to try for next week's snacking!
To get you started, here are a few candida snack ideas:
Ham and Pickle Roll-ups
*Slices of Deli ham (avoid honey or sugared hams)
*Dill Pickle Spears
*Mustard, go for plain yellow or try a spicy or flavored mustard (avoid honey mustard)
Roll each pickle spear in a slice of ham and secure with a toothpick. Serve with the mustard as a dipping sauce.

cara membuat martabak manisIngredients:
* Cream cheese
* Sugar-free whipped cream or cool whip
* Sugar-free flavored syrup (chocolate, vanilla, caramel, etc.)
Combine equal parts cream cheese and whipped cream in a blender or with a hand mixer. Add the sugar free syrup and store in individual serving cups in the fridge. Top with cinnamon and/or nuts if desired.
Nut butter celery snack
* Celery Spears
* Natural, sugar-free peanut butter, almond butter or other nut butter
Fill each spear with nut butter and enjoy! This one is as easy as it gets and great for people on the go.
Whether you have always dieted and felt like snacks were taboo or you think snacks must leave you with a sugar-high, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that there are a number of candida snack combinations that will leave you energized, satisfied and fighting candida overgrowth.

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